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{{ are we the only ones, are we sexual? }}

are we everything you need?

Singapore Backstreet Boys Fans
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This is,
obviously, yet another Backstreet Boys community, except it is exclusively
for the Singaporean fans. If you're looking for a Backstreet Boys community
for the masses, please look to

Basically, come here to meet other Singaporean backstreet-fanatics, arrange
meeting places, share videos/audios/random footage of the boys, discuss
Kevin's new hairstyle or Nick's new tattoo, request for a particular MTV
you've never been able to find, fish around for information on AJ's latest
picture and where it was taken, anything you want. Since being a fan is all
about the enthusiasm, we're pretty lax with the way things are done around

One thing, though: absolutely no flaming. Other people, that is. Put
one toe out of line and you will get your butt kicked out of this community.
We like to think Backstreet fans have more common sense/tact than that.

New Members: Request for Membership here 

kittykatz [email] strawbrryshcake@yahoo.com.sg
trumpeterofdoom [email] trumpeterofdoom@livejournal.com
epicflailer [email] etsu_88@livejournal.com
m_i_a_s_m_a [email] firewhisky@gmail.com

Last but not least don't forget to have
fun. It's not that serious people!

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