An update on the I Still project!

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Well guys as most of you already know, I am no longer in charge of the project, Ariadna in Mexico is taking care of it... she's pm'd all the Representatives to let them know that the tapes would be shipped to her instead.

ANYWAY the news is...

Tour on LD, spoke to BMG Thailand and told them about the project. They were sending an Interviewer to interview the boys in Japan, so the interviewer asked the guys if they knew about the project, the boys said they didn't but apperently really wanted to know what it was about. I am not sure how much information the Interviewer gave them, but they did say something about it being passed on to them in Canada and they are excited about it. Brian also said he would like to thank the fans *surprise surprise how brian like *

I have not seen the video yet, but Tour asked me to post this and said that she will post the video shortly

*pm tour for more information, like I said I have not seen the video but she asked me over msn to just post this ... <--watch this thread for further info :D

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Okay I'm over it, lmfao.
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If you haven't already noticed, there's this backstreet site that is different from the other. Maybe i'm just slow, but i've only been to the second one all these while. Just noticed the first (omg, i'm so slow; but yey, i like the layout.)

And a new backstreet fansite that i just thought i'll share (:


"And the haters can't stand it Backstreet's Back, 2005." -Nick taken off
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BSB on MTV Brand New

OMFG! Just saw less than a minute of it...didn't noe they were gonna be friend said she heard their voices (in MSN), her TV was on in the other room...

BUt damn! they look sooo good...Howie was talking bout Nick knowing how to push his buttons, Kev, abt being the big bro in the group...n they showed a clip of Nick running (with flapping arms or something) down a road...Kev signing autographs...

N yes, there are gonna be 3 repeats...timing below! make sure you catch it!

MTV Southeast Asia (Singapore time)
Premiere: Sat 0000 hrs

Sat, 1700 hrs
Sun, 1030 hrs
Tue, 2300 hrs

BSB Concert in California - 30 August

Hey ppl,

Sheeda's friend in the US is selling off 4 tickets cos she's unable to make it to the concert. Anyone from SG wanna go? detials below, air plane tix not Sheeda if you're interested.

Date: 30 August
Venue: Chronicle Pavillion, Concord, CA
Time: 7.30pm
Seats: Section 101, Row E, Seat 7 & 8, and 2 lawn tickets.
Price: SGD $280 (all 4 tix)

Pop Inc (MTVAsia)

The VJs sorta dissed Nick Carter during the show...something abt Tommy Lee passing his anger management test if he can stand being in a room with Nick for 2 hrs w/o bashing him up...

N they mentioned something bout Paris, wasn't really listening...

MTVAsia Contest: BSB Notebooks up for grabs!

Great news, peeps! BSB is back on the block after a hiatus of five years! At long last, Nick, Howie, Kevin, AJ and Brian have returned with a brand new smashing album, Never Gone! This time, the boys are all grown up and it shows in all the fabulous new songs on the album!

What is more, fast-rising lead single "Incomplete" shows that these guys have never gone and have never lost that magic touch!

Now, in celebration of MTV's Artist of the Month: Backstreet Boys, we are giving away 10 sets of really neat Backstreet Boys notebooks!

Just show us how much of a diehard BSB fan you are by answering the question below and you could just be the proud owner of a super Backstreet Boys notebook!

Closing Date: July 31, 2005.