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How Slow Are We?

I think we're seriously effed up, lol. I just saw on LD that Ticketmaster already have infos on tickets for Australian dates (no prices yet but at least there's something and you know, we're getting the concert first and we still have nada abt official press release, nevermind ticket details, lol. Also there'll be an interview with BSB (or one of the guys, i didnt really catch what the girls are saying on the thread) on one of their radio stations, which again, is a normal thing when said band is going to that country for a concert soon. Now i'm wondering if any of the radio stations in SG gets to do this. I think we need to go over to BMG and take over their jobs, hehe.

This could also be me having one of my misplaced BSB 'moment'. I wish things will speed up. My BSB fund is in dire need of help *prays most ex tic wont be so damn expensive*
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