vanessa (bsbfan4life) wrote in sg_bsb,

Lime Article: Excerpts

ok, before I start typing the article, just want to say that this biatch got to go down to Tokyo, spend 20 mintues with the guys & didn't even write a decent article. ok, loads of praises for the boys, but still...she basically described them...and seriously, this type of article can be written just by doing some research online. Where are the questions?! She spent 20 freakin' minutes with the boys! Other articles in Lime has those Q&A thing!

Siti Rohani (same person who did the review)

...I sat next to Nick, who was wearing a T-shirt that looked like i had been gnawed on by hungry rats. He was looking a little on the tubby side.

...Kevin who sat directly across from me, looked very very intense with those bushy eyebrows.

Howie was in a leather jacket. ... Brian was seated next to Kevin & he had this calm, centered air about him. Must be the fatherhood thing.

AJ, in all his tatooed glory & decked out in his trademark shades, beanie & bushy beard, was at the head of the table.

BSB fans, don't hate me *don't worry, we already do* but I'm hazarding a guess that his excess facial hair is to make up for the lack of hair on his head 'cos during a mall appearance a couple of hours earlier, AJ took off his beanie to reveal what looked like - gasp! - a receding hairline.

The rest of the article; basically stuff we already know, like why Never Gone for the album title & their expectations, and just about how calm, polite & patient the boys are. So the AJ part was probably the worst part of the article.
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