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are we everything you need?
Get Brian Littrell's Welcome Home here! (: 
8th-May-2006 03:55 pm
The guy delivered the CDs this afternoon the moment he saw my email message this morning.
Had to remind/email him again and again because the album's like, already out here in HMV? Anyway so there, check your inboxes soon. (:

1. Website that you are ordering from
Direct order from Christian Music House

2. When you will stop taking orders - by a certain date, OR when a certain order amount has been reached
When paid orders hit 10-30 albums or by 2359 Thursday 11/05/2006 (whichever earlier)

3. Your email address

4. How spree participants should make payment to you
ATM/IBanking transfer to my POSB Savings Account No: 186 -10649 – 0.
**Use your LJ NICK for IB transfers.
**State transaction no. for atm bank transfer and IBanking transfers too.

5. How you will distribute items (Mode of Delivery)
Preferably meetups at our convenience, or by Singpost (additional $1 for postage or additional $3 for registered mail)

6. Shipping details
Christian Music House > My place > Your mailbox / thru meet-ups.

7. Number of Payments
One-time payment only.

9. Format of order
Real Name & LJ Nick:
Email Add:
Item Name:
Price: $18.90
Total Amount Payable : Amt Of Purchase + $0/$1/$3 per item (depending on the mode of delivery)
ATM/IB Transfer reference:

Orders so far:
bsb87angel [1] paid
purajo [1] paid
fourthkiss [1] paid
bsbfan4life [2] paid
epicflailer [1] paid
kaostic [1] paid
starafar [1] paid with my own funds first
littrellfan [1] paid
xinyi [1] umm can xinyi make a comment here? (:

*Please note: According to the guy from Christian Music House, stocks are limited and he needs a firm order from me so that he can reserve the CDs for us. FYI, he's providing free delivery for orders above $50.00.

Let's all get our hands on Brian's album ASAP, shall we? (:
*Comment your orders here

LATEST UPDATE: The guy from CMH told me that there has been a delay in shipping so he hasn't received the album yet. He'll email me again once he receives them next week. So meanwhile, i'll use this time to collect cash before i place the order alright? (:
11th-May-2006 01:49 am (UTC)
oh hey, can you do an ATM or IBanking transfer of $18.90 first?
i don't have much cash with me to fork out for everyone first. ):
11th-May-2006 08:00 am (UTC)
Soong Wei Ling Jamie, I've transferred the $18.90 to your POSB savings account. =) hehe.
11th-May-2006 04:25 pm (UTC) - payment received! (:
ohgawd, how did you know???
now my full name's not a secret anymore. LOL.

thanks for the transfer babe!
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