Get Brian Littrell's Welcome Home here! (:

The guy delivered the CDs this afternoon the moment he saw my email message this morning.
Had to remind/email him again and again because the album's like, already out here in HMV? Anyway so there, check your inboxes soon. (:
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*Please note: According to the guy from Christian Music House, stocks are limited and he needs a firm order from me so that he can reserve the CDs for us. FYI, he's providing free delivery for orders above $50.00.

Let's all get our hands on Brian's album ASAP, shall we? (:
*Comment your orders here

LATEST UPDATE: The guy from CMH told me that there has been a delay in shipping so he hasn't received the album yet. He'll email me again once he receives them next week. So meanwhile, i'll use this time to collect cash before i place the order alright? (:
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Membership request post

Hi, sg_bsb is currently screening all new memberships. Please leave a comment here if you wish to join the community. There is no specific criteria for membership approval, but we are interested in people whom we feel are genuine fans, and can contribute to the community in general. We would also like you to answer the following questions. Please be as detailed as you like.

1. How did you find out about this community?
2. Why do you wish to join this community?
3. Favorite BSB member.

Please understand that for the moment, membership is restricted and there will be a screening period before a decision is made. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

The Mods

Any further questions can be directed to kittykatz @ livejournal . com
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How Slow Are We?

I think we're seriously effed up, lol. I just saw on LD that Ticketmaster already have infos on tickets for Australian dates (no prices yet but at least there's something and you know, we're getting the concert first and we still have nada abt official press release, nevermind ticket details, lol. Also there'll be an interview with BSB (or one of the guys, i didnt really catch what the girls are saying on the thread) on one of their radio stations, which again, is a normal thing when said band is going to that country for a concert soon. Now i'm wondering if any of the radio stations in SG gets to do this. I think we need to go over to BMG and take over their jobs, hehe.

This could also be me having one of my misplaced BSB 'moment'. I wish things will speed up. My BSB fund is in dire need of help *prays most ex tic wont be so damn expensive*
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Lime Article: Excerpts

ok, before I start typing the article, just want to say that this biatch got to go down to Tokyo, spend 20 mintues with the guys & didn't even write a decent article. ok, loads of praises for the boys, but still...she basically described them...and seriously, this type of article can be written just by doing some research online. Where are the questions?! She spent 20 freakin' minutes with the boys! Other articles in Lime has those Q&A thing!

Siti Rohani (same person who did the review)

...I sat next to Nick, who was wearing a T-shirt that looked like i had been gnawed on by hungry rats. He was looking a little on the tubby side.

...Kevin who sat directly across from me, looked very very intense with those bushy eyebrows.

Howie was in a leather jacket. ... Brian was seated next to Kevin & he had this calm, centered air about him. Must be the fatherhood thing.

AJ, in all his tatooed glory & decked out in his trademark shades, beanie & bushy beard, was at the head of the table.

BSB fans, don't hate me *don't worry, we already do* but I'm hazarding a guess that his excess facial hair is to make up for the lack of hair on his head 'cos during a mall appearance a couple of hours earlier, AJ took off his beanie to reveal what looked like - gasp! - a receding hairline.

The rest of the article; basically stuff we already know, like why Never Gone for the album title & their expectations, and just about how calm, polite & patient the boys are. So the AJ part was probably the worst part of the article.

Backstreet Boys in Lime (August): Review + Article


Never Gone
Backstreet Boys

Who're they? Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson, AJ McLean & Nick Carter once made up the biggest boy band in the world. Then Nick released a solo album, Brian became a father, AJ went to rehab, Howie worked on his charity organisation & Kevin went on broadway. Five years later, they reconvene on their fourth studio record.

Sounds like: Boybanders who took the rock route.

Stuff we like: I know I said in June's review that their first single, 'Never Gone', sounds like every other sappy boyband ballad but I have to say it grows on you. Kudos to them for redefining their sound. Choice cuts include Poster Girl, Wierd World & I Still.

Stuff we don't: Crawling Back To You sounds like another cookie cutter pop ballad

In other words: Not as bad as I thought it would be.

Rating: 3.5/5

*Gosh, they can't even get the single title right!*