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{{ are we the only ones, are we sexual? }}
are we everything you need?
30th-Aug-2006 01:23 pm - Brian Littrell on LIME
my beloved kazu-chan
I don't have a scanner so here's the best i could do!

LIME September issue

contents under the cutCollapse )
The guy delivered the CDs this afternoon the moment he saw my email message this morning.
Had to remind/email him again and again because the album's like, already out here in HMV? Anyway so there, check your inboxes soon. (:
Details.Collapse )

*Please note: According to the guy from Christian Music House, stocks are limited and he needs a firm order from me so that he can reserve the CDs for us. FYI, he's providing free delivery for orders above $50.00.

Let's all get our hands on Brian's album ASAP, shall we? (:
*Comment your orders here

LATEST UPDATE: The guy from CMH told me that there has been a delay in shipping so he hasn't received the album yet. He'll email me again once he receives them next week. So meanwhile, i'll use this time to collect cash before i place the order alright? (:
3rd-Jan-2006 10:20 pm - Applications closed till Jan 24
Hi, to everyone who's interested in joining this community, we regret to inform that applications for this community will only be approved after 24 Jan. We sincerely apologise for this delay. Please send all enquiries to kittykatz @ livejournal . com
30th-Nov-2005 02:02 pm - Membership request post
Hi, sg_bsb is currently screening all new memberships. Please leave a comment here if you wish to join the community. There is no specific criteria for membership approval, but we are interested in people whom we feel are genuine fans, and can contribute to the community in general. We would also like you to answer the following questions. Please be as detailed as you like.

1. How did you find out about this community?
2. Why do you wish to join this community?
3. Favorite BSB member.

Please understand that for the moment, membership is restricted and there will be a screening period before a decision is made. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

The Mods

Any further questions can be directed to kittykatz @ livejournal . com
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